Unit for Regeneration of Hard-alloy Cutting Tools, Press-forms and Draw-plates
Capacity - up to 0.5 t/hour

Feeding size - up to 60 x 200 mm

Product size – according to Customer’s request - from 3-0 mm up to 1000-0 nanometers
Installed power - 85 kW

Floorspace - 50 m2

Personnel - 1 person
It is no need in use of generally accepted difficult and expensive thermo-chemical processes.
3 units operate in industry in USA, Japan and Russia.
Product is not polluted by other metals and not oxidized, and it is suitable for producing new high quality tool at using pressing or sintering. Resistance of products from regenerated material increases by 30 %.
Regeneration method is mechanical grinding treatment without thermo-chemical processes. There are no analogues in the world.

1 – vibratory jaw crusher, 2 and 4 – vibratory-impulse cone crusher-mills, 3 – multi-sieve screen, 5 – pneumo-classifier


multi-sieve screen
Vibratory-impulse cone crusher-mill