Electrocorundum Production
Unit for Production or Regeneration of Abrasives or Refractories
Capacity 5 t/hour
(may be from 1 to 20 t/hour)
Feeding size
(thickness x width) 350 x 1000 mm
Total power 140 kW
Floorspace 80 m2
Personnel 2 persons
Product - any desired size, ex.: less than 1.5 mm at minimal over-grinding

Regenerated material is not worse by quality than initial one. Resistance of products increases by 30 %.
Powders of any fineness may be produced, including micro-powders.

Consumption of power and grinding bodies decreases in 10 times.

There are no analogues in the world.

1 – vibratory jaw crusher, 2 – vibratory-impulse cone crusher-mill, 3 – magnet separator, 4 – multi-sieve screen


magnet separator
multi-sieve screen


The technology of electrocorundum production or regeneration is disclosed in detail in articles of our employee, particularly:


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"Selektivnoe raskrytie elektrokorunda v konusnoj inercionnoj drobilke" / Zarogatsky L.P. et al. / Sovershenstvovanie processov rudopodgotovki : The interdepartmental collection. L. 1980, p. 124-131,


and also in the books, particularly:


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