Device for asepsis of rooms and treatment for bronchial asthma

By means of special collective and individual devices – generators of salt aerosol the environment similar to atmosphere of underground salt clinics can be created, possessing antimicrobic, anti-virus and hypoallergenic properties.

Consequently, amount of alive bacteria and viruses decreases in 1 million times. It is carried out asepsis of room, where transfer of respiratory infections by air is excluded.
Pilot design of
the individual asepsis device

Devices can be used for preventive health care and treatment for nicotine, dust and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and allergic diseases. Recovery in 70 % of cases, remission for 1-3 years in 25 % of cases.

The treatment method is based on stay of the patient in atmosphere of highly dispersive dry ionized aerosol of sodium chloride of low concentration which owing to micro sizes of particles inpour up to level of small bronchuses and renders anti-inflammatory and broncholytic effect, promotes phlegm evacuation and normalizes functional condition of cells of mucous.
Necessity in medicines decreases or falls away.
The method promotes treatment of other respiratory diseases, reduces probability of complications and renders the general health- improving effect:
  • improvement of capillary blood circulation;
  • normalization of internal organs functioning;
  • skin becomes elastic and resilient;
  • increase of sexual potency.
The method is certified by Ministry of Health of the USSR in 1989.
The method with the use of collective device (for 10-20 persons) is being successfully used for 20 years in pulmonological hospitals in CIS, Eastern Europe and China. More than 200 units are under operation.
The pilot individual device of experimental batch in 300 pieces has given the same results.
Individual device is intended for use at home.