Equipment for Crushing, Grinding and Classification

The presented equipment has been earlier protected by inventors certificates and patents whose author (co-author) is the employee of our company. Some of them are shown below. There are also new patents. The patented equipment can be used only by authority of its legal owner.


Crushers and Mills

Vibratory Jaw Crushers
With two moving jaws, which oscillate in contra-phase to crush ferroconcrete slabs, refractories, ferroalloys and abrasives. Capacity from 1 up to 50 t/hour.

SU 770528 – Vibratory jaw crusher

SU 973155 – Jaw vibratory crusher

SU 1248651 – Jaw vibratory crusher

SU 1250321 – Jaw vibratory crusher

SU 17722715 – Device for grinding fibrous materials

RU 2079365 – Method of the crushing of materials

RU 2115505 – Device for regeneration of moulding sands




Vibratory-impulse Cone Crusher-Mills
They work both as crushers and as mills (reduction ratio is adjustable from 4 up to 30); they crush material of any strength by dry method or with water addition. Capacity from 2 up to 500 t/h (from 4 up to 1000 t/hour with water).

more than 300 inventors certificates and patents, for example: 


SU 324064 – Inertial crusher

SU 351576 – Cone inertial crusher

SU 1774557 – Cone inertial crusher

US patent №4452401 – Cone inertial crusher

Japan patent №1120996 – Cone inertial crusher

France patent №2467017 – Unbalanced unit of cone inertial crusher

RU 2174444 – Method of the crushing of materials in cone inertial crusher

RU 2174445 –  Inertial cone crusher

RU 89982 – Cone inertial crusher


Rotor Knife Crushers
For processing large-size items from rubber, plastic and metal. Capacity from 0.5 up to 5 t/hour

RU 89981 – Toothed crusher

RU 91008 – Toothed crusher

High Speed Hammer Crushers
For grinding flexible and fibrous materials of low hardness (electronics, cable, plastics, etc. wastes).
Capacity from 1 up to 20 t/hour at reduction ratio up to 20.
RU 85363 – Hammer crusher



Vibratory Roller Mills
Non-stop and periodical action for fine grinding of material at dry and wet mode. Capacity up to 3 t/hour.

SU 404506 – Vibro roller mill

SU 559725 – Multichamber vibratory mill

SU 592449 – Roller vibratory mill

SU 772587 – Vibratory mill

SU 886987 – Vibratory roller mill

SU 1491575 – Vibratory mill

SU 1607950 – Vibro roller mill

and others


Inertial Multi-Sieve Screen
With rectilinear oscillations of screen frame. Capacity from 1 up to 20 t/hour.

SU 649480 – Screen

SU 774620 – Screen

SU 784948 – Screen-grinder

SU 1176975 – Vibratory screen
Drum Screen
To screen materials which are heavy-classified. Capacity from 0.2 up to 2 t/hour.
SU 865424 – Drum screen
Round Multi-Deck Screen
It is hermetic; with screw oscillations; for rough and fine powders. Capacity from 0.3 up to 2 t/hour.

SU 542941 – Sieve analyzer

SU 626840 – Sieve analyzer

SU 859876 – Sieve analyzer