Pulp-and-paper Industry
Unit for recycling wastes of wood, paper and soft money
Capacity                300 kg/hour
Installed power     200 kW
Floorspace with paper-making
machine                 300 m2
Product – paper pulp or paper
Water-turn system is closed
Power consumption at processing wood into paper pulp decreases in 20 times at increase of rupture strength of paper by 30 %.
Grinding bodies work 2 years without replacement.
Generally accepted ways of processing soft money are incineration or comminution into heat insulation construction material of low efficiency.
Suggested technology allows recycling paper from waste paper or waste money at lesser cost than usual technology.
Closed water-turn prevents pollution of water by heavy metals.
1 – hammer crusher, 2 – vat (conditioner), 3 – vibratory-impulse cone crusher-mill, 4 – classifier, 5 – paper-making machine
Hammer crusher