Processing of Waste Rubber
Unit for Recycling Automobile Tires
Capacity                              1.5 t/hour
(may be to 1 t/hour)
Feeding size (diameter)      1300 mm
Installed power                   800 kW
Personnel                            3 prs.
Floorspace                          500 m2
Product: ready rubber goods or raw rubber.
Also rubber crumb or powder less than 0.2 mm can be product according to customer’s request.
It is no need to use liquid nitrogen.
Raw rubber is made by breaking sulphide connections in an initial rubber during mixing on rolls of special (non-toxic) modifier with rubber crumb less than 1.5 mm.
Mechanical properties of new rubber goods come to 90% from properties of initial rubber. At addition of caout-chouc and other components they can reach almost 100%.
Need in the modifier is 7 %, while its cost is $5 per 1 kg.
There are no analogues in the world.
1 – knife crusher, 2 – primary hammer crusher, 3 – high-speed secondary hammer crusher, 4 – magnet separator, 5 – screen, 6 – super-speed desintegrator, 7 – screen, 8 – magnet separator, 9 – roll mixer
Knife crusher
Hammer crusher

Magnet separator