Vibration Technology of Materials Disintegration



The video is based on the Soviet film of the studio «Centrnauchfilm» which was made in 1983 about cone inertial crushers.


In industry the power consumption is determinative factor of economy development efficiency. Specific power consumption or power-efficiency determines technological level of industries.

Mining, metallurgical and paper industries and also producing of building materials, energy carriers and foodstuff are main power consumers. All these industries, including processing of industrial and domestic waste, are similar in necessity of the crushing and grinding of materials. Almost 20 % of all produced electric power is consumed for it.

The equipment for the crushing of materials evolve slowly since 1878 (creation of cone eccentric crusher) already 130 years without basic changes. In these machines the material is disintegrated by compression randomly, without taking into account defects of its structure. Therefore processes of the crushing of ores at ore-dressing and processing enterprises absorb 70 %, at cement works and paper-mills – 80 % of all power inputs. There is similar situation in other industries.

Excessive power inputs do not promote saving of resource. It is typical of all technologies; in particular, losses of non-ferrous and precious metals are almost 30 % owing to shortcomings of the grinding equipment. At manufacture of road building materials screening achieves 40 % at poor quality of crushed stone (gravel). Quality of paper also becomes worse because of truncation and deformation of wood fibres.


Our firm is being in development of essentially new and in literal sense of the advanced technology of controlled vibration created in Soviet Union for selective grinding of materials. Technology and equipment for its realization are based on destruction of pieces by one another inside layer of material at operated crushing force. Owing to it material destructs along weak defective surfaces of crystal blocks that demand much less energy.

Use of such vibration machines, which became universal both for especially strong and for weak materials, enabled to reduce power inputs on the average twice. Thus, it is possible to save about 15 % of the electric power produced in the world under condition of wide use of this technology.

The created machines are universal for processing ores, building materials, wood, coal, foodstuff, domestic and industrial waste, and also for producing cement and biofuel.

Such vibration technology makes cost-based processing of domestic waste highly remunerative and almost excludes losses of useful components at processing ores. Processing of vegetative raw material provides the simplified ethanol producing from waste of wood and agriculture as renewed fuel, therefore cheaper, than oil fuel. Such equipment is effective for preparation of water-coal fuel too. Thus, high power-efficiency of new technology is successfully combined with saving of resources.

Wide adoption of these technologies in industrially developed countries will allow to lower emissions CO2 by 20 %.


The new technology created in the USSR for disintegration of materials has been protected by inventors certificates, co-author of which is the employee of our firm, for example:

SU 703948 - Method of grinding of crystal materials,

SU 1274182 - Method of crushing in a cone inertial crusher,

SU 1515474 - Method of selective crushing of materials in a cone inertial crusher.

In more detail this technology and the equipment for it realization are described in books, co-author of which is our employee:

"Selektivnoe razrushenie mineralov" / Revnivcev V.I., Zarogatsky L.P., etc. / М. "Nedra", 1988,

"Tehnologija i oborudovanie dlja vibroinercionnogo selektivnogo izmel'chenija materialov ljuboj prochnosti" / Revnivcev V. I., Denisov G. A., Zarogatsky L. P., Shishkanov Ju. P. / L. "Znanie", 1990,

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and in other publications, for example:


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Fig. 1. Schemes of crushing forces action in usual (a) and vibration (b) crusher:
a) destruction of material by compression or impact;
b) vibrating destruction inside layer of material by impulse of compression and shear.



Fig. 2. Scheme of device for materials disintegration by compression and shear.