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JSC "Spurt" was created in 1993. There are 10 employees in it with full employment or underemployment. Among them two academicians, three Doctors of Technics, three Candidates of Technics, two Laureates of the USSR State Prize, Laureate of the Russian Government Prize and Honored Inventor of Russia.
Employees of JSC "Spurt" are authors and co-authors of 12 books, 450 articles and 860 patents. Innovations of our employees are implemented also abroad.

Activity of firm is directed on creation of the new innovative power- and resource-saving technologies and the equipment for processing of various materials. The employee of our firm in 1990 during his work at the "Mekhanobr" Institute has been awarded the State premium of the USSR "For development and introduction of the equipment and technologies for processing and recyclings of technogenic raw materials".


The information on the site show results of long-term scientific activity of employees of firm at the "Mekhanobr" Institute, JSC "Mekhanobr-Technogen", JSC "NPK "Mekhanobr-Tekhnika", JSC "Spurt" and at other organizations, has reference, analytical and survey destination and is intended for attraction of attention of the state and private investors and consumers to modern innovative power- and resource-saving technologies and the equipment with the purpose of realization of the governmental program of scientific and technical modernization of Russia.


Development of new technologies and the equipment is carried out after preliminary consultations in view of concrete industrial conditions and features of processed materials.


The information and the images used on the site were published in particular in following books, co-author of which is the employee of JSC "SPURT":


1. Selektivnoe razrushenie mineralov / Revnivcev V.I., Zarogatsky L.P., etc. / М. "Nedra", 1988

2. Obogatitel'nie processi v proizvodstve abrazivnyh materialov. Spravochnoe posobie / Feofilaktova E. P., Denisov G. A., Zarogatsky L. P. / M. "Nedra", 1989

3. Tehnologija i oborudovanie dlja vibroinercionnogo selektivnogo izmel'chenija materialov ljuboj prochnosti / Revnivcev V. I., Denisov G. A., Zarogatsky L. P., Shishkanov Ju. P. / L. "Znanie", 1990

4. Vibracionnaja dezintegracija tverdyh materialov / Denisov G. A., Zarogatsky L. P., Turkin V. Ja. / M. "Nedra", 1992

5.  Oborudovanie i tehnologii dlja vibracionnogo izmel'chenija materialov s razlichnimi fizicheskimi svojstvami / Denisov G. A., Zarogatsky L. P., Turkin V. Ja. / S-P. 1992

6. Proizvodstvo kubovidnogo shchebnja i stroitel'nogo peska s ispol'zovaniem vibratsionnyh drobilok / Arsent'ev V. A., Vaisberg L. A., Zarogatsky L. P., Shulojakov A. D. / S-P. VSEGEI, 2004

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